Friday, November 29, 2019

Letting Go

It doesn't mean giving up. But it sure is hard to let go. God give me the strength to trust You. Help me to depend on Your Will. Give me what You think I should have WHEN You think I should have it. And, protect my heart in the process.

Lord, I give my yearnings to You to deal with. I give YOU what i am letting go of. I trust YOU with my dreams, my hopes, and my future. I know that You know what's best, even when I don't. But, I ask You to care for and protect what I am giving You.

Most of all, Lord, I ask that You help me be who I should be, and be ready to receive what You decide I should have...

In Jesus' Holy Name I pray, even though I know I don't deserve it...

Friday, November 15, 2019


God, I don't know what You have planned for my life. I don't know what You have planned for my future. But, I'm going to wait and let You show me.

You know the desires of my heart. You know what I need. And, You are well aware of what I ask for with every breath I breathe each day.

You also know that I am not perfect. I sometimes try to get ahead of You. Sometimes I fail You. But, my love for You never waivers, even when You say "No"; even when you don't think I'm ready; even when YOU aren't ready.

Please keep my friends, and those I love more than life itself, safe and blessed each day. Give them hope. Help them to understand who they are meant to be. Give them peace and understanding. And, help them rest. Open their eyes so they can see the blessings You have placed before them, if they would just receive it.

And, help me be a blessing.

In Jesus's Holy Name I pray! Amen!

Friday, October 11, 2019

I Love You, Anyhow

Thank You, Lord.

You are the one I should hide in. Every time I reach out for something You don't think I should have, I fall flat on my face, and YOU are always there to say, "I love you, anyway."

When I feel like life is a practical joke, You are the only stabilizing factor in my life that keeps me sane.

When I feel like I want to run and hide under a rock somewhere and hide from the whole world, You coax me out, ever so gently.

When all I want is to be held, You warm me with your arms of grace.

When I need a friend, You listen, and Your shoulders are big enough for all my tears.

When I am scared to take the next step, You encourage me.

When I am too stupid to stop, You probably laugh at me, but help me get up after I hit a wall, brush my backside off with Your loving chastisement and love me, anyway.

When I want to hurry instead of wait, You put Your hand out and pull me back.

And, when I don't hear the words I want to hear, You always make sure I hear what I need to.

I love You, Lord...

Even when I'm hurting.

Even when I'm angry.

Even when I'm lost.

Even when I fail.

Even when I lose something or someone dear to me.

I love You, anyhow.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Prayer of Thanks for His Laws

Thank You, Lord, for Your Law.

Your Law is there to guide us through the hard times in our life -- the hardest decisions, the life-changing ones that we are called to make occasionally in our lives.

You have set the law down to protect us, and to give us the future that YOU have planned for us -- one of hope, and success, with love that cannot be measured, and to teach us to love completely and without abandon.

Even when the Law tells us to go against what we would want for ourselves, it is a reminder that You know what is best for us; and, it is a call to trust You, even when the answer is "No."

I have more faith for having your law as a guide, and more confidence in the knowledge of right living. While I am humbled by the weight of it at times, I find myself grateful for the guidance -- and for the strength You give to those who obey.

I pray for Your forgiveness when I find myself too weak, and that You somehow give me the nudge I need to stand up again when I fail.

In Jesus' Holy Name I pray,


Saturday, August 31, 2019

Thanking God Today

Lord, I thank You today for all my blessings -- for your grace and your mercy in my life. I thank You that you sustain me, for Your provision and Your love.

I thank You for old friends who stay in touch. They remind me of where I have come from and how far You have brought me.

I pray that my day is profitable, both for me and for You. But, even if I fail, I know YOU won't fail me!

I ask that You continue to work in my life, and that You work in the lives of my loved ones everywhere. I pray that you watch over my sons, and that You direct their paths, and whatever it takes, may it lead them to You and the knowledge of Your love and build their faith in You.

I pray that you be with my church, that you provide the enlarged walls and the reason to enlarge them, as You continue to enlarge the hearts of each of it's members! And, for my Pastor, who has a big responsibility and a large task at hand as he teaches us to be Your hands and feet.

Thank you, Lord, most of all, for Your son, Jesus, who has made it possible to have a relationship with You!

In the name of Jesus I pray,


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Please Pray for Mylee UPDATE

UPDATE! Praise God! Mylee has been found and is now home safe!


My niece, Mylee Smith has gone missing from her home. She is 10 years old. There were no signs of break in. No tire marks. No clues whatsoever. My sister woke up and found her daughter gone.

Please pray that she comes back home safe. Pray for strength for my sister and her husband, Keysha and Ronnie Lair.

Every scenario you can think of in a time like this is only bad things. We are worried sick.

Thank you!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Please Pray for Mindi Martin-Chaffin Updated 12/12/18

12/12/18 UPDATE: Mindi’s surgery was completed this morning and PRAISE GOD the mass is BENIGN! Glory to God! Please continue to pray for her healing and recovery!


Please Pray for Mindi. She will be going into surgery on December 11th to have a very large tumor in her ovary removed. She will get a hysterectomy and some chemo, as it is suspected to be cancerous.

Praise be to God that if it is cancer, they believe it has not spread, and is only isolated in her ovary. Pray that this remains so.

Better yet, pray for healing before the surgery so one will not be needed. But, pray God's Will, and that if it is, that he guide the hands of the surgeons so she has the best care possible!

Pray for her financial situation as she goes through this, and give her support during her recuperation!

Please make a donation if you can by following this link!