Monday, September 7, 2020

Prayer for Restoration


I am not perfect. I fall down and get dirty quite a bit. Each time, I reach out for a hand up, and you are gracious and merciful to give it to me. For that, I love You more.

Jesus, right now I am recuperating from a broken heart, once again. I blame no one but myself. I thank You that you have kept my vision clear and my heart in the right place. I ask for your forgiveness where I have failed, even though I know deep down that I do not deserve it.

I ask for Your strength, Your guidance, Your love, Your companionship and Your friendship as I do an about turn and attempt not to look back. I want to be where I was spiritually 2 years ago, when it didn't hurt.

I am praying for a miracle, Lord. I want to do things the right way. I am asking you to help me restrain myself and not try to get ahead of You in anything from now on -- because I have learned the hard way that to do so is painful.

Lord, I know You will take care of me. You have always provided for me and given me the care I needed when I needed it most. I am at Your will.

I am asking You to provide for my health right now. You know my issues. You know what I need -- mentally, spiritually and physically, financially.

I need Your courage, Lord. Your ambition. Your love. Your motivation. And, I thank You for the restoration that is at my fingertips.

In Jesus' Holy Name I pray, Amen

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